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Have you ever wondered how you and the family will spend the weekends without ever leaving your house? At the Heritage Homes Indang, the family will be treated of a wholesome entertainment while keeping life simple but far from being idle. You can relax and be entertained in the comfort of your own home without spending additional cost. The HHI subdivision is equipped with recreational amenities and awesome community features that let you enjoy your spare time along with the family.

The Heritage Homes Indang has vast landscaped parks and open spaces for you to replenish memories and make you more relax in a pristine setting. The site has a clubhouse that has a swimming pool with shower rooms, a game room, and a viewing deck. These resort-like features enable the family to bond together along with neighbors and friends. The project has also a tennis court, basketball court, and children’s playground. The paved sidewalks are a great venue for walking and biking as part of your workout.

The entrance gate to the property has a beautifully landscaped garden and a guardhouse that is guarded by uniformed personnel 24/7. The perimeter wall of the property is high enough to discourage any intruder or unauthorized personnel to sneak out. There is a second gate near the clubhouse for use in time of emergencies. Additionally, the Heritage Homes Indang has wide and concrete roads planted with trees on the side. Interestingly, every street on the property is well-lighted with Meralco poles. The property has efficient water distribution and garbage disposal systems keeping your surrounding refresh and clean all the time.

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